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Re: 2.6.15rc kernel packages for FC4.

Patrick <fedora puzzled xs4all nl> wrote:
On Fri, 2005-12-16 at 09:25 -0800, Josh wrote:
> Thank you! Thank you!
> I tried it on my Acer Ferrari 4005 laptop and it recognized the
> Synaptics touchpad while the previous kernels didn't.
> My ipw2200 adapter on the laptop also works out of the box with WPA
> due to the updated drivers :)

That's surprising since my Acer Ferrari 4005 never had a problem with
the Synaptics touchpad on both FC4, FC5t1 and Rawhide. Did have to boot
with i8042.nomux no_timer_check though. Maybe you could try that.

Ipw2200 on an Acer Ferrari 4005? Mine has a Broadcom chip and according
to the Acer website all Ferrari 4005 models have that. Don't know how
you got an Intel wireless chipset on an AMD motherbord :P

I wasn't aware of the boot parameter to get synaptics touchpad. Does your touch pad work without the parameter?

I ditched the default broadcom wireless NIC and  bought  Intel 2915 ABG  mini-pci adapter for $29.  Works great  ;-)


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