Results of Fedora community SCIM survey

Jens Petersen petersen at
Wed Dec 28 08:35:08 UTC 2005

Jens Petersen wrote:
> The Fedora I18N Team invites you kindly to participate in a survey
> to provide feedback on the SCIM platform for Asian language input.

Thank you to all those who participated in the SCIM survey conducted
online last month.  There was a total of 120 responses
(half of them were for Simplified Chinese and a fifth for Japanese).
Overall the feedback by users on SCIM was quite positive:

Some of the suggestions and comments made include:

- having an option to hide the scim IME panel
- each IME should provide help on keybindings in the help dialog
- better IME icons
- better translations for some languages
- adding support for Greek letters to scim-input-pad
- easier way to input signs and symbols from scim-anthy and other IMEs
- Korean users find native input somewhat slow
- Korean and Indian users would prefer a different hotkey toggle to Ctrl-Space

The results are also available in csv format from:

and translations of the comments in responses into English:

They can be read for example by oocalc.  We hope you find them useful
and help the SCIM developers and community to further improve SCIM.

With seasonal greetings,

Jens Petersen on behalf of the I18n and L10n Teams

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