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Re: Spamassassin slows things down like mad!

On Fri, 2 Sep 2005, Patrick wrote:

but I haven't seen anything surface. Imho at the end of the day you are far better of with postfix with some good rules which will stop a ton of spam attempts and then add a drop of dspam to kill the

'spamprobe' is also really good. A standalone bayesian filter. See:


IMHO, Bayesian filtering is far more effective at catching spam than static rules (SA uses both). Also, I run 'rbl-milter' to add X-RBL-Milter headers based on DNSBls and I have spamprobe configured to consider these headers. Which is rather better than configuring your MTA to reject DNSBl'd mail, cause you don't have to worry about effectiveness of a DNSBl, particularly overbearing ones - instead spamprobe will 'learn' how effective different DNSBl's are for you.

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