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Re: kernel 1532 fails - kernel-2.6.13-1.1536_FC5 does also (Bug filed)

Michal Jaegermann wrote:
On Sun, Sep 04, 2005 at 11:35:25PM -0400, Jim Cornette wrote:

Bugzilla contained a lot of bug reports for development that relate to the kernel.

That is indeed the case. OTOH it is possible to limit a search to
bugs which were reported in the last n days.  Maybe this is under
"Advanced"; I do not remember.  This works particularly well with
development packages as they tend to change rather quickly.

I searched for 1532 but did not find an entry either.

I tried that too before asking on this mailing list.  I have seen
situations when I _knew_ that a report is there but bugzilla was
still responding with "Zarro bugs found".  Often searching works but
sometimes it appears that bugzilla is using different criteria than
what would look "natural".


kernel-2.6.13-1.1536_FC5 does a similar stoppage while booting as 1532 does. I filed a bug against the kernel for this round.



But in my experience you have a better chance of getting a straight answer out of a politician than intels networking folks. Maybe they have reformed

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