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Re: Dependency problem in the yum update FC3->FC4 chain

On 9/6/05, Michael Wiktowy <mwiktowy gmx net> wrote:
> What I am asking is if it is worth it for me to take the time to gather
> all the proper version info, track down the exact dependency and file a
> bug in bugzilla eventhough that upgrade path is unsupported (presumably
> meaning that no bugs showing up using that method will be fixed)?

No your specific issue about yum no longer working becuase you did
things in the wrong order is not bugzilla worthy. In fact that very
issue should have been addressed in the evolving package building
process for python packages.  I won't get too deep into the technical
details, but I will give you a hint. python in FC4 introduced a new
"python(abi) = 2.4" for python modules to require.  You'll notice that
both yum and libxml2-python in FC4 require "python(abi) = 2.4"  I'll
let you slueth out exactly why the jump from python2.3 in FC3 to
python2.4 in FC4 necessitated this addition.

Also since this problem only occurs becuase you went off-script... I
doubt its worth adding to the wikipage. Anyone following the wikipage
instructions as written will not see this specific problem.

> My ideal would be for yum + rpm to have an extra degree of fail safety
> and *always* work; no matter what upgrade path is chosen.

Bugs are bugs.... packaging bugs happen too. The specific issue with
regard to python that you ran into should be taken care of in fc4+. 
But feel free to keep dreaming the impossible dream... fighting that
unbeatable foe...bearing that unbearable sorrow...running where the
brave dare not go...righting the unrightable wrong...and all that

-jef"man of la mancha"spaleta

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