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Re: First boot problem from rawhide

Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
Boy, did you pick a good time to do a rawhide install! :-)

The gri-gri gave me a very bad answer. :p

Seriously, try to find a mirror that still has kernel-2.6.13-1.1535_FC5 available. kernel-2.6.13-1.1538_FC5 is now avaiable, but I have not tried to reboot into it yet. I suspect the snapshot might influence its bootability.

Isn't it simple to wait for the update instead? I did network install for rawhide but I have no idea how to install a second kernel.


Basically, you need to download the kernel to a media type that Linux can read. (VFAT if using Windows to download the rpm.)

You then need to boot into rescue mode via the first installation disk, then once the installation is detected, run "chroot /mnt/sysimage" to get your development installation active.

Once your installation is active, you can install the downloaded kernel RPM you downloaded. To install the alternative (pre-breakage) kernel, you need to be in the directory where the rpm resides.

Run "rpm -ivh ker*.i686.rpm --oldpackage" to install the older kernel version alongside your development unbootable kernel. You may be able to get away with installing the FC4 version off of your FC4 discs in a similar way. I am not sure if there are any kernel related programs that would prevent this or not. I assume the older FC4 kernel would install without problems.

I believe the latest kernel will be broken for several versions to come. Doing a new installation might be a long wait. You might read this list for word on the kernel being bootable again, then do a network upgrade instead of an install at that time, if you are patient.


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