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Re: Selinux - touch /.autorelabel before shutting down

On Saturday 10 September 2005 10:21, Justin Conover <justin conover gmail com> 
> On 9/8/05, Russell Coker <russell coker com au> wrote:
> > Also in FC4 and above you can use the kernel boot parameter "autorelabel"
> > to
> > cause a relabel, so if your machine is messed up and you need to relabel
> > there is no need to create a file on the file system or boot in
> > permissive mode. You can just use the GRUB options to edit the boot
> > command line.
> >
> How do you list out all the possible boot options?

Firstly, please take care to correctly quote messages.  The original text you 
write should not be prefixed with "> ".

As for listing all options, I'm not aware of a clear list of them all, they 
come from the kernel, the initrd, and rc.sysinit.  Generally a listing of all 
the possible options is not of much use.  There are however plenty of web 
sites and FAQs that give information on performing various tasks, and they 
have information on the boot options needed to perform those tasks.

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