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Re: [Fwd: Warning: more potential breakage tomorrow]

On 9/10/05, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram redhat com> wrote:
> Well if you write the necessary code and get it one of the Fedora sites
> and let's me set the watch status, I will try and maintain it. deal?

You sir have an amazing talent for delivering deadpan punchlines.  I
think there's a series of buddy movies in our future, rivaling the
Hope and Crosby "Road to.." series.

Leaving the fact that I was joking aside for a moment.... if someone
really wanted to implement this.. it could be done with very very
little code. As a first cut you need a simple set of graphics that
represent each "state" and just rss feed each day whatever graphic was
appropriate.. or update a wikipage, changing a single img line to
point to one of the 4 prepared graphics.

The hard part...is the fact that this is inherently a human being's
judgement call as to what the "rawhide fire danger level" actually is.
 We's actually have to make someone responsible for daily
designations.. which is why the suggestion was 99.9% jest. I don't see
much payoff here in terms of human effort. I mean. We aren't exactly
fighting forest fires, but it makes for a good example of the simple
graphic set that can be used.

-jef"I'd suggest replacing 'Smokey the bear', with 'Ornery the

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