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fingerworks touchstream/igesture problem with click/drag events (FC1 -> FC3/FC4)

I'm not sure which list to post to, so I thought I'd try these three
(other users, hardcore testers, and desktop-specific).

I have a Fingerworks Touchstream keyboard.  It's basically a USB-based
input device that looks (to the host computer) like a USB keyboard plus
USB mouse.  It behaves like the little laptop touch pads, but can track
multiple fingers simultaneously and map such movements and gestures to
keystrokes, mouse clicks, mouse movements, combinations, and sequences of
all of that, too.  (I mention the iGesture pad since it's a cut-down
version of the Touchstream, and may suffer the same problem; hopefully
someone else will have come across this issue with either a Touchstream or
an iGesture).

Anyway, that's the background.  Generally, this device works beautifully
under FC1.  I'm about to move to FC4, but I have discovered a problem:
when I click-and-drag, the pointer moves a short distance before the click
seems to take effect.  For simple actions, such as moving icons on the
desktop, it's annoying, but not critical.  When using paint applications,
however, it's downright frustrating.

The problem occurs when using the device on FC3 or FC4 (I haven't tried
FC2).  If I go back to FC1, the problem completely goes away.

I did run xev to see what X thinks is going on, and as it happens, when I
do a click/drag under FC4 there actually are a few MotionNotify events
before the ButtonPress event.  Under FC1, the ButtonPress event always
comes first.

The only thing that comes readily to mind is that FC1 is XFree86 and
FC3/FC4 is xorg.

Is there some sort of internal difference that affects the order of
processing of events?  Is there some way I can delve deeper into the X
event queues to find out what's different, and possibly fix it?

Note that there is no driver required for the Touchstream, as it presents
to the host machine as a simple USB keyboard and USB mouse (plus an
additional USB device for programming, but that's not normally used).

Regards, Msquared...

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