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Re: Floppy Icon No Longer Appears in the Computer Icon

Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:

"JS" == Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com> writes:

JS> Interesting hypothetical...if only there was an avalache of
JS> complaints about this particular floppy situation to test your
JS> hypothesis.

In other words, if this (or any existing bug) bothers you, add
yourself to the CC list and comment on the bug if you have anything
new to add.  Currently only eight people were bothered enough by the
bug in question to do even that, and two of those are Red Hat
employees.  I wouldn't expect Red Hat to QA a new set of HAL packages
when only six people care.

- J<
There is always more bug reports and RFE's being filed than there is time to handle. So developers prioritize. Sometimes they do forget to check things over. Just adding in more information or requesting a status update does help in many cases. The ones with patches tend to get higher priority too. Hope that helps


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