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development (rawhide) testing

OK, I need some help/advice here.

For the last week or two I have been trying to get a copy of development 
installed with no real success.

I downloaded the development tree yesterday (i386/images/* and 
i386/Fedora/base/* and i386/Fedora/RPMS/*).

My first attempt was to unstall as a vmware guest BUT anaconda died.

My second attempt was to install on an Opteron BUT the skge driver is not 

My third attempt was to install on a new Athlon64 X2 4400+ BUT anaconda died 

Back to the drawing boards ... I have FC4 installed in all of these 
environments and it works (both i386 and x86_64 on the real hardware).

So, I did a "small but meaningful" install of FC4 under vmware ... works fine.  
I then used yum to update/upgrade to development.  This worked but a bit less 
than more (the development kernel gets a panic but the "current FC4 kernel 
works more or less).  After having updated a lot of stuff the system is 
acting a bit strange.

1. Are others having problems installing development?

2.  Is there a "good point" or "good time" to try installing?  I was hoping to 
try some of the SELinux/MCS stuff before November.

Any help appreciated.


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