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grub can't access system


I'm having one hell of a problem with my system after I tired to upgrade.
Finally I reinstalled the system and moved my root partition to another 
partition in order to save the data on the old partition (I didn't reformat 
this partition during the reinstall, all other partions I reformated).

Now grub boots with only a lot of "GRUB" on my screen and I can't access the 
installed FC4 system.

My main harddisk is at /dev/sda and the current boot partition is /dev/sda5 
(which is in an extended partition). My old boot partition was /dev/sda2 
which for some reason is still found by the rescue disk as a valid boot 
partition, although I have cleared all directories except my data from it 
(how can I clear this ?)
I also have an IDE drive installed as /dev/hda. I use this only for data and 
don't want to boot from it. I hope that's fine with grub.....

I tried to reinstall grub by using grub-install, but it won't work.

Is there any way to fix this issue ?


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