Cinema Display 30 and Radeon 9600

Scott catfather at
Wed Mar 1 02:56:45 UTC 2006

On Feb 28, 2006, at 7:18 PM, Michal Jaegermann wrote:

>> During install I see no video after leaving text mode. I can switch
>> back to vt2 and check the logs. The X server apparently launches just
>> fine and the only EE logged is about dri not being able to load.
> Try to turn off dri in your xorg.conf and see what will happen.
> You may also check if setting "AGPMode" will not help.  "8" may be
> good.  At least it works for me, with dri, but this is different  
> Radeon.

I tried disabling dri by commenting out the module in my xorg.conf  
and also setting AGPMode to "8" as you suggested. I still see the  
same exact symptom. Running 'X' as root from the console after  
install results in a blank screen. No errors are logged to the  
console or the X log file.

Appreciate the suggestion anyway :)


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