Social Engineering of Rawhide

Fred New Fred.New at
Wed Mar 1 09:44:10 UTC 2006

On 28. veebruar 2006. a. 20:27, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Technically, it was renamed 2 years ago to "Fedora 
> Development", however since the developmental repository
> for Red Hat Linux was named "rawhide" for 8-10 years or
> so, the name rawhide has stuck in the minds of many
> developers, and users.
> One observation I've made though that this is changing
> slowly, is that I haven't seen anyone file a bug report
> against rawhide in bugzilla for a long time.  People
> are pretty much universally using "Fedora devel"
> or one of the test versions when they file.

Hmmm.  I'm wondering if the RAWHIDE resolution in
Bugzilla should also be renamed.


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