Benchmarking OS's

Chris Ricker kaboom at
Wed Mar 1 16:03:34 UTC 2006

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006, Justin Conover wrote:

> What are some good test to run to benchmark OS's on the same hardware?
> Not trying to flame Solaris or anything, but I'm curious because I run
> several *nix's on my box, and Rawhide always seems to visually/perception of
> running the fastest, and Solaris(nevada/opensolaris) seems to perform the
> worst.
> So I would like to run some test to find out if my perceptions are all
> biased :)

Thanks for not cc'ing this to perf-discuss @ and thereby 
kicking off a massive inter-OS flamewar ;-)

Seriously, check out the list at 
<> for a 
starting point on some tools you might use

lmbench and / or libmicro are probably good starting places for what 
you're wanting

There are a lot of factors you can't really control that are going to bias 
any tests you do though. OpenSolaris isn't buildable by non-Sun internal 
people in a non-debugging mode yet, for example, and the debugging factor 
on Rawhide changes periodically....


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