Password Changing for Normal User

shrek-m at shrek-m at
Wed Mar 1 22:46:00 UTC 2006

On 01.03.2006 20:30, David Timms wrote:

> Given that good security is based on having strong passwords that 
> change over time, hiding the capability under About Me is really no 
> go. It's probably to late to change for FC5, but I would suggest at 
> the minimum changing the hint that is shown when the mouse is held 
> over the About Me entry from:
> Set your personal information
> to:
> Set your personal information and user password
> And the title to "About me and my account". (or login)
> There would then be a slim chance that a user would actually find it! 
> What do others think ?

unfortunately my max. resolution is 848x480  instead 1280x1024

please keep it small

"about me"
"Persoenliche Angaben"    (in german)

is more than enough info to find the possibilty to change the password

please do not change it to

"about me and my account"
"Persoenliche Angaben und mein Benutzerkonto"    (in german)


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