x64 FC5t3 won't install on Asus/Nvidia

Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R caf at omen.com
Wed Mar 1 22:58:32 UTC 2006

This was logged to Bugzilla last time but was not fixed.
System is an Asus P5GD1 with MSI 6600 (Nvidia chipset)
and Dell 1920x1200 LCD.
The screen breaks up when the X server starts up.

I have not tried a text install as my office desktop
really does need to run X.

FWIW Opensuse 64 10,1 B5 does about the same thing
when attempting to configure/test the X server.

Suse 10.0 did work but apparently with generic parameters.

The system runs well with XP SP2.
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