bcm43xx driver on FC5T3 driver doesn't work and freeze my machine.

Alberto Patino pato.lukaz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 23:58:36 UTC 2006

On 2/28/06, Patrick von der Hagen <patrick at wudika.de> wrote:
> You are lucky, my Dell Precision M60 freezes as soon as the module is
> loaded and so far I failed to get any valuable information in syslog.
> However, bcm43xx isn't really considered stable, is it? So I just delete
> the bcm43xx-module after each kernel-update to avoid having it activated
> by fedora and stick to ndiswrapper.

Well, I have advances with the FC5 bcm43xx driver for my DELL M60.

In the first try I downloaded from the Dell site the latest broadcom
driver. This firmware caused my machine to freeze.

I read the kernel source Documentation/network/bcm43xx.txt and I saw a
list of drivers and versions. The first time I didn't understand the
version numbers associated with the http link.
But know I catch that the number is the version asociated withe the
particular drver. The dell newest driver doesn't match this number so
I looked up for a driver matching the version. (Fortunately I had
several dell drives stored in my lap)

Well I had 3 drivers version from DELL, I remove the newest driver I 
installed with bcm43xx-fwcutter and I reinstalled a older version
matching the one pinpoint out in the bcm43xx.txt file.

Alberto P.

Now I can scan with iwconfig.

However i cannot do network connection yet with the wireless
interface, I'll  try this later.

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