Cinema Display 30 and Radeon 9600

Alan Cox alan at
Thu Mar 2 01:05:30 UTC 2006

On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 07:52:35PM -0500, Scott wrote:
> state of video hardware support in Linux myself. It seems that the  
> only real solution for fast 3D or MPEG HW decoding is vendor  
> proprietary nvida or ati drivers. When I purchased this display I  

Mpeg hardware decode is actually not very useful these days. If you need it
then you can get it on the low end via boards open source, but on a P4 or
Athlon64 its hardly useful and most boards just provide scalers and colourspace
conversion which actually is the important stuff

> driver and I deliberately made the choice to go with ATI based on the  
> current r300 work and the past support ATI has given OSS.

The R300 3D is getting pretty decent, its unfortunate that ATI no longer
help in Linux 3D and while various people have speculated that Xbox2 being ATI
has a lot to do with it, but afaik nobody has shown that to be the case, or
had a sane explanation from ATI.


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