Keyboard delemma (not really)

Mike A. Harris mharris at
Thu Mar 2 01:07:18 UTC 2006

Leslie Satenstein wrote:
> Keboard Problems abound
> Acutally have two problems noted with FC5. One is with the incorrect 
> mapping of CA(FR), and the other may be firefox related, but definately 
> software related.
>  With the latter, and, when typing text, at the end of a word, 
> when a space character is typed, the first whitespace character is 
> ignored, and it takes the second, to generate a single whitespace 
> character on the screen, BUT... not always. It is probably some firefox 
> quirk.
> My hopes are up that the CA(FR) mapping will be in the go live install.
> Other than that, I am patiently waiting.

The French Canadian keyboard problems that people have reported over
time, are limitations in xkbdata.  Some of these problems are rumoured
to be resolved in xkeyboard-config however, which just hit rawhide
yesterday.  Please check the list archives for URL to the latest
1.0.1-6 release and try it out.

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