Shutdown option for Normal User

Leslie Satenstein lsatenstein at
Thu Mar 2 01:20:18 UTC 2006

Here is my concern.  With Gnome, and KDE, the normal user (without root privleges) can do a logoff and/or shutdown. I can see  logoff being permitted, but should he be able to do a shutdown without being prompted for the root password?

OK, so he can do it. If we take it way, he can still do a shutdown via the on-off button on the unit. Both Core4 and Core5 respond to a microsecond depress on the power supply button to initiate a shutdown.  My crawling grandson, with a curious finger did one for me yesterday.  I believe that if possible, the power button the the power supply should be timed so that at least a 1 second depress will trigger a normal shutdown, and the prolonged 4 second depress will let the bios do it's dirty thing.


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