2.6.15-1.1955_FC5 memory leak?

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at cornell.edu
Thu Mar 2 01:52:20 UTC 2006

> No, it was 2 mallocs not being freed on some syscalls. lspp.10 kernel is 
> building right now and I'll update the yum repo tomorrow am. I might put the 
> kernel at http://people.redhat.com/sgrubb/files/lspp in a few minutes where 
> it can be retrieved and installed manually.
Allright, I think the stock kernel (+madwifi/nvidia) does not appear to 
leak memory, although Mono does (or whatever mono is running)... it eats 
20% cpu right when I need them most, and then memory usage slowly climbs 
to 880 MB used over a few days. Killing mono fixes the problem. I'm not 
very happy with the resources it takes to run mono...esp since I don't 
really use f-spot or beagle [ people are way too disorganized, why can't 
they just put their files so they can find them? ]

I will re-verify the leak, and check what mono is running exactly...then 
file a bug.
Will test lspp 10 kernel aftwards to see if that leak is fixed.

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