Kernels being uninstalled automatically

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Thu Mar 2 03:27:49 UTC 2006

--- Jeff Vian <jvian10 at> wrote:

> I just noticed that when I do an update that
> includes a kernel the 2nd
> older kernel is uninstalled.
> For example, right now the new one being installed
> is 1996 and the one
> it is replacing is 1977.  The update is uninstalling
> the 1969 kernel for
> me.
> Is that deliberate?
> I assume so, but want to be able to NOT have it
> happen if I choose to
> keep the older kernels for whatever reason.
> This policy only keeps 2 kernel versions around, and
> can break a system
> if the latest (before the update) had problems for a
> user and an earlier
> version is in use.
> How do I turn that off?  
> How would I change the number of older kernels to
> keep around?

 On a similar note, I received help from Jeff Spaleta
on this list to help me keep the original kernel so
that I could connect to internet.  Thread "	 Re: tell
yum not to remove original kernel"  

{I use smartlink winmodem with slmodemd, for some
reason or another newer kernels do not work with
slmodemd and slmodem-2.9.11-20051101.tar.gz from]

He instructed me to do the following:  

disable the installonlyn plugin
edit /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/installonlyn.conf

It worked for me.  So I do not see why it should not
work out for you.

Best Regards,

> Jeff
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