FC5t3 system goes down on its on

parta pritam.ghanghas at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 07:57:55 UTC 2006


sorry, i posted my last mail with no subject so i am posting it again. I am
a new tester and hope community will forgive such early mistakes

I leave my system idle it automatically shuts down.
When i search out for possible caused in the logs, only thing that looks bad

major=252 name_count=0: freeing multiple contexts (1)
major=113 name_count=0: freeing multiple contexts (2)

I am using a asus intel-925 chipset board with two sata drives in software
raid0. the raid entries are as follows:

ARRAY /dev/md1 level=raid1 num-devices=2 UUID=d30eb006:70f655fb:b2c29b54
ARRAY /dev/md2 level=raid0 num-devices=2
ARRAY /dev/md3 level=raid0 num-devices=2
ARRAY /dev/md0 level=raid1 num-devices=2

Sound card is also not well supported. It seems to work at will.

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