A funny thing

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Thu Mar 2 08:13:49 UTC 2006

tatxe wrote:

>Hi all.
>After the yesterday updates I've lost the Alt Gr keys, like (@ and #),
>I'm looking in the Gnome Languaje configuration but all seems Ok, It's
>all set in Spanish-Spain languaje. Where I can look to solve this?

>I other way, the gnome applet calendar shows the weeks in US mode, I
>mean, first Sunday and last Saturday, but in Spain the first day in the
>weey is Mondays. How can I change this?, I really a mess for me remember
>that the applet is changed and I allways have add an appointment the
>wrong day :D
Unsure. Have you set the locale information correctly?


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