Auto-shutdown for idle computer (was no subject)

Jim Cornette fct-cornette at
Thu Mar 2 12:16:27 UTC 2006

parta wrote:
> Hi
> I leave my system idle it automatically shuts down.
> When i search out for possible caused in the logs, only thing that looks 
> bad is

You might try to go to the properties for the gnome-power-manager and in 
the preference menu, slide the control bar all the way to the left for 
the running on AC and running on battery selections. The choice is the 
put computer to sleep selection.

> Sound card is also not well supported. It seems to work at will.

Is this problem before or after the computer comes out of suspend? I 
have a problem with losing the network pulling out of hibernate.
Try rebooting the computer and only shutdown instead of suspend to see 
if the problem goes away.

> -- 
> pritam

Well fix that in the next (upgrade, update, patch release, service pack).

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