nv driver for NVIDIA video and power management....

Gregory Gulik greg at gulik.org
Thu Mar 2 14:53:21 UTC 2006

Thanks.  I'll take it up with x.org

Co-incidentally, I tried one of the laptops with the NVIDIA card again 
last night and now for some reason the "nv" driver works perfectly on 
that one.  I didn't work when I first installed FC4 but I'm very glad to 
be rid of another proprietary driver.

Mike A. Harris wrote:

> Presumeably the problem is not a configuration problem, but a hardware
> support problem.  The best way of dealing with hardware support problems
> with the open source nv driver, is to file bugs in X.Org bugzilla and
> to discuss the issue(s) on the X.org mailing lists, and then more or
> less sit and wait.
> Since there are no public specifications for Nvidia's hardware, and the
> open source driver is fairly obfuscated, users are held hostage to
> whatever support is provided by those who do have the necessary
> documentation essentially, which are currently limited to a few people
> inside Nvidia currently, and maybe a small handful of hackers who have
> reverse engineered some of the bits and understand how some of it works.
> Another option of course, would be to become one of the people who
> reverse engineers Nvidia's hardware. ;o)

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