Keyboard problem worse than before.

Leslie Satenstein lsatenstein at
Fri Mar 3 21:54:07 UTC 2006

I applied all updates as of 4 March 2006. (As of writing this email). I see two entries in the Keyboard selection. I tried all the French ones and Gnome is screwed up. 

Somehow, Firefox does not appear to use x11, so that I am able to type this note. Otherwise, frustration.

I was asked, if I wanted to keep the Gnome keyboard definition or that of X11, and chose x11. Was that a mistake.  setxkbmap says it cant find the display when invoked from the command line, and the keystrokes that appear when invoked from the gnome terminal are not comprehensible.

So, as far as I am concerned, I have no keyboard for GUI operations.  
My keyboard is the standard Canadian French one. with octothorpe as the left most key under that escape key.

Montreal, Quebec

Should I be posting this to bugzilla, or is there something I should do?

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