FC5T3 Suspend/Resume Fails

David Timms dtimms at bigpond.net.au
Sun Mar 5 00:22:17 UTC 2006

Clayton Rogers wrote:
> I have a Toshiba Tecra A4 with an Nvidia video card and the nvidia 
> driver installed.  I'm able to shut the lid and suspend the laptop which 
> works great.  
The proof of the pudding within suspend/resume is the resume !

> However, when I open the lid to resume everything it 
> "seems" to startup ok except I don't get any video.
On my ATI based HP nx9000, suspend shuts down the machine (by default on 
lid close). Opening lid causes the power to turn on + fan, but no 
vision, nor does it appear to access the hard disk.

> Is there any options I can configure with the new power management 
> software to rmmod nvidia and modprobe nvidia?
Would you be able to test if the suspend / resume process works properly 
using the nv open driver ? You'll probably get more help here if you are 
using the open driver (for now) !

> (I believe this is what the problem is)
Do you get hard disk activity ?
Is the network card lights on ?
Can you ssh / ping the machine from another after the attempted resume ?


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