Multiple X logins

Uno Engborg uno at
Tue Mar 7 21:08:43 UTC 2006

Miles Lane wrote:
> On 3/6/06, Jim Cornette <fct-cornette at> wrote:
>> Uno Engborg wrote:
>>> Is the possibillity to run multiple X servers so that you could switch
>>> between
>>> multiple users or machines,removed in FC5, or have I somehow failed to
>>> install it,  or disabled it by mistake?  What was it called in FC4 by
>>> the way.
>>> Regards
>>> Uno Engborg
>> gdmflexiserver should launch another server login. I just tried this to
>> see if it still worked. I could launch a KDE server account as well as
>> my present gnome account.
>> Permission issues remain on which console user should own which devices.
>> If you wat to run different desktops, it works for me. No sound in KDE
>> though, The Gnome user account owns the sound.
> Interesting.  We ought to have Gnome/KDE agnostic pieces to control
> access to hardware and fundamental services.  Is that feasible?
> The current situation is pretty sub-optimal.
> Miles
I think it is Gnome/KDE agnostic, the first login grabs the devices 
regardless if it is KDE or Gnome.

What would be needed would be some kind of sound server that was owned by
root that could serv sound for various users. The next problem would be 
what should be allowed. You quicly run into security problems with this. 
E.g. You swich user with a friend
that run a telephony application, should the next user still be able to 
use the sound input.

Uno Engborg

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