Cursor tracking in thunderbird/firefox?

D Canfield canfield at
Wed Mar 8 01:47:49 UTC 2006

David Timms wrote:
> Because the feature (bug) is in mozilla (including a fresh download - 
> it would be great to check mozilla bugzilla and if necessary file there.
I finally got to test this on a RHEL4 box, and the bug does not exist on 
a package downloaded from  It *does* exist on FC5 using the 
same download from mozilla.  It also does not appear on the windows 

>> Put a cursor in the middle of a line of text in the middle of a 
>> paragraph, and then press the up or down arrow.  The cursor will jump 
>> to the beginning or end of the next/previous line, rather than 
>> remaining in the middle of the line of text like every other 
>> application on the system does.  This only happens on mozilla apps, 
>> but not under windows.  Can't currently  confirm it on other linuxes.
> Is this in the mail reader ?
> Only in three pane mode ?
> What about when you double click a received mail ?
> What if there is less than a screen full of paragraphs ?
> Can you grab some example text (something of the web if you like) that 
> causes the problem ?
> A bug isn't a solvable bug unless it is reproducible by someone 
> else could anyone know what they would need to do to fix ?
The bug was confirmed by others on the list at least a month ago.  I 
gave very simple steps to reproduce the bug, and it's been reproduced by 
others on the list. Are you saying that you can't reproduce the error?  
Isn't a single method or reproducing the bug in two different 
applications sufficient to prove there is a problem somewhere? 


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