Making swapfiles and SELinux

Nathanael D. Noblet nathanael at
Wed Mar 8 20:38:43 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 12:35 -0800, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

> Booting up without a swap came up fine and ran ok.  I did a
> full-blown yum package installations and updates and did not
> really have too much of a problem, however I was starting to
> notice as I piled on applications: 'Top', GKrellM, Ximian Email
> and something, the system was very noticably running very low on
> available virtual memory (not sure if it was due to memory leaks
> or just memory running out of heap), but eventually all mouse,
> keyboard, and video updates was grinding to a halt where I could
> no longer access the system, although the HD was thrashing around
> SOLIDLY.  I waited for 20 minutes and no change was noticed so I
> was forced to hard-reboot since nothing else worked.  Rebooting
> restore normalcy - but I obviously wont run too many apps until
> I can get swap space installed.

One thing to try, though it won't fix your application is in the session
don't let beagle start. It consistently consumes huge amounts of memory
when running. Many have experienced it, *eventually* I was able to kill
the process and the machine became responsive again. Perhaps part of the
problem you describe above?

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