Default Desktop Behavior

David Timms dtimms at
Wed Mar 8 22:23:55 UTC 2006

Neal Becker wrote:
> Todd Simi wrote:
>> Is their a way to change the desktop behavior that open new application
>> below the one with current focus?  If I'm in evolution and I click a
>> line in an email, I'd like the firefox window to open on top with focus.
>> Thanks
>> Todd
> The _worst_ is that you type Alt-f2 to run command, then start typing.  But
> the window you just opened doesn't have focus!  At least, that's what
> happens now with kde.  Not acceptable.
I don't have KDE setup, but gnome, Alt-F2 shows the run application 
dialog (in front) with your cursor ready to type. And then the app you 
enter eg gedit enter, is shown above all others.

Perhaps the difference is that the window is a dialog rather than a form 
(speaking another language I know).


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