Password feedback in Anaconda

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Thu Mar 9 13:18:29 UTC 2006

Sander Hoentjen wrote:

>>Finallly, something better (note the label which says password
>another one, from:
>Forcing Strong Passwords
>To protect the network from intrusion it is a good idea for system
>administrators to verify that the passwords used within an organization
>are strong ones. When a user is asked to create or change his password,
>he can use the command line application passwd, which is PAM aware and
>will therefore check to see if the password is easy to crack or too
>short in length via the Pluggable Authentication manager
>(PAM) module. Since PAM is customizable, it is possible to add further
>password integrity checkers, such as pam_passwdqc (available from
> or to write your own module. For a
>list of available PAM modules, see
> For more
>information about PAM, see the chapter titled Pluggable Authentication
>Modules (PAM) in the Official Red Hat Linux Reference Guide
Everybody agrees that strong passwords are a good idea so this quote 
doesnt add anything substantial to this discussion to my understanding. 
You might even file that as a RFE against Anaconda to show a password 
strength meter but I dont think anything beyond a basic length check was 
done before.


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