Network Manager with madwifi drivers

Per Bjornsson perbj at
Thu Mar 9 16:30:02 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 14:52 +0000, Paul F. Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> > Today I downloaded the SRPM for NetworkManager-0.6.0-2 and removed the 
> > special-case-madwifi.patch and built the binary.  This version of NM can 
> > connect to my madwifi card.  The patch is trying to work around a WPA 
> > problem in the madwifi drivers.  My question is has the fix for WPA 
> > broken WEP?
> It certainly looks like...

Hmm, you did try the Fedora version of that exact package before getting
rid of the patch, right? I had the same problem for a while and tried to
solve it in the same way, by rebuilding without the patch which improved
things but was still unstable (wadwifi, currently using madwifi-old
driver since madwifi-ng was refusing to do anything for me for a while)
but with 0.6.0-2 everything works fine again (sometimes the first
association attempt on boot still fails but trying again gives me a
perfect connection). There was a note in the changelog for the 0.6.0-2
version that wpa_supplicant wasn't used for the non-wpa scanning any
longer, that seems like a significant change which might fix things.


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