Help Needed: TEST FC5 KERNELS!

Peter Jones pjones at
Thu Mar 9 23:41:42 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 08:51 -0800, Alain Mellan wrote:
> Not sure if it's the kernel or pm-utils or something, but hibernation
> used to work perfectly on my Gateway 4540GZ, when kernel revision was 
> 1928, 1955, 1966. Now (with latest rawhide kernel) it boots OK after
> hibernation, but then it can't start the X server (video card state
> not restored properly?)

That's really weird -- video state on resume from hibernate should be
*exactly* the same as if you'd just rebooted.  We're not fiddling with
it, and the machine _is_ doing a cold boot.


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