Keyboard situation - Non-US users dead in water?

Gilles J. Seguin segg at
Fri Mar 10 06:22:32 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-02-07 at 09:52 -0500, Chris Tyler wrote:
> There are a number of interacting issues surrounding XKB at this point,
> but the bottom line is that many (most? all?) users using non-US
> keyboards are pretty much dead in the water right now.
> Putting aside issues with libxklavier and keyboard options, the console
> (non-X) keyboard maps, and the keyboard switching applet, it's simply
> not possible to select certain keyboards which are in widespread use.
> Here's one example: in FC4 and before, the de-facto standard French
> Canadian keyboard was identified as ca_enhanced, and it worked
> reasonably well. (Note: This is the keyboard that is shipped by Dell,
> IBM, HP, etc, and the keyboard that you you would buy at a Future
> Shop/Best Buy in Quebec. English Canadian users (such as myself) use the
> "us" keyboard layout. All other "Canadian keyboards" are corner cases).
> With the current set of XKB data, this keyboard is identified as ca(fr),
> and it can be selected manually:
>     setxkbmap "ca(fr)"
> When selected in this way, they keyboard works perfectly (except for
> RightAlt-E which is labelled as Euro on newer versions of the
> keyboard). 
> However, this keyboard option cannot be selected at installation time,
> nor can it be correctly selected after installation using the KDE or
> Gnome applets, which expose the corner-case keyboards but don't provide
> an option for this one. I'm assuming (from browsing Bugzilla) that
> similar problems exist for some of the other international keyboards.
> (It's unclear to me where the current (X11R7) set of xkb maps came from.
> They're not the legacy maps that shipped with 6.8.2, but they're not the
> current xkeyboard-config maps either - perhaps they're a snapshot of
> older xkeyboard-config data, since they seem closer to xkeyboard-config
> than they do to the 6.8.2 set).

not sure if it is the question

the ca_enhanced require to edit /etc/X11/xkb/rules/xorg, line 91
! layout[2]     =       symbols
  *             =       +%l[2]%(v[2]):2

! layout[3]     =       symbols
  *             =       +pc/%l[3]%(v[3]):3

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