which drivers compiled in wpa_supplicant

Roger Grosswiler roger at gwch.net
Fri Mar 10 06:51:10 UTC 2006


which drivers are compiled in the rpms of wpa_supplicant?

As i know, the following are supported:

Host AP driver for Prism2/2.5/3(WPA and WPA2)
Linuxant DriverLoader with Windows NDIS driver supporting WPA (WPA, but
not WPA2)
Agere Systems Inc. Linux Driver (Hermes-I/Hermes-II chipset) (WPA, but not
madwifi (Atheros ar521x)
Linux ndiswrapper
Broadcom wl.o driver
Intel ipw2100
Intel ipw2200
Wired Ethernet drivers
BSD net80211 layer (e.g., Atheros driver) (FreeBSD 6-CURRENT and NetBSD
Windows NDIS drivers (Windows; at least XP and 2000, others not tested)

...but you have to fiddle out the .config-file. So i really just want to
know, for which drivers it has been compiled.


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