unable to update software using graphical tool

Tim Lauridsen tla-ml at rasmil.dk
Fri Mar 10 13:55:08 UTC 2006

Larry tb wrote:
> Hi all :)
> Few days ago i post a bug about my problem ([Bug 183685] ), but im not 
> sure it is really a bug :-/
> When i try to run both graphical update software (=application/add 
> remove software & software updater) , it returns an error message : 
> /unable to retrieve software information/
> If i run the both softs from a shell, i get something else : 
> /Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: development
> Error: Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: development/
> But if i use yum, it works.
> NEVERTHELESS, i must precise that i have to use a proxy. Configuring the proxy _directly_ in yum.conf, doesn't work at all. I have to edit my .bashrc and add those two lines :
> /http_proxy=http://user:passwr@ipaddress:port/
> export http_proxy/
> Would it be a way to add proxy information to the both graphical tools, or is there any other way to update my fc5 using graphical mode ?
> thx !
> Larry
You can use Yum Extender aka yumex, it supports proxies, you can enter a 
proxy server in the preferences.



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