shortcut to new shell opened behind the first one ....

Uno Engborg uno at
Fri Mar 10 20:53:56 UTC 2006

Larry tb skrev:
> When using shortcut ctrl shift N, to open a new shell, the new shell 
> is opened BEHIND the actual one.
> Is it a new fonction ?
> Not very useful is it ?

Every new window is opened behind the shell.  Try to type open sabayon, 
by typing the
command from a shell, and you will find that the sabayon window is 
completely covered
by the shell from which it was opened. In fact it made me think sabayon 
was broken
as nothing seamed to happen.

I think that they did it this way to prevent opening windows from 
grabbing the user input,
something that could be serious if the user is typing a password. 
However that situation is very rare and I think this should be regarded 
as a bug.

Uno Engborg

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