Help Needed: TEST FC5 KERNELS!

Alain Mellan amellan at
Fri Mar 10 21:01:20 UTC 2006

> "the server starts" meaning what?  The X server?  Or are you saying
> sometimes video is messed up when you power on the machine, regardless
> of hibernate?

No, no, the video gets messed up after hibernate only.
I get two behaviors: either the X server starts and it can't redraw
windows properly (i.e. xterm background is all black, windows are not
redrawn when moved), or after 6 tries the X server stops and tell me
gdm is disabled. Sometimes even in text mode the display is garbled.

> >  I added
> > chvt/fgconsole in /etc/pm/functions-intel, it does a bit better,
> I wouldn't expect this to make any difference at all -- we're already
> switching VTs to an unalocated one before suspend (or hibernate), and
> switching back after resume.

OK. You are right, I thought it was working yesterday, and today I got
the same problem again.

> So when it does "a bit better", what exactly are you seeing that happens
> differently?

I meant, I thought I could do more than one hibernate cycle in a row
without crashing the video. I think I did 4 cycles before it crashed
this morning.
> Are you using intelfb, or just the normal text mode?

Just normal text. How to use intelfb?

What other information do you think would help?

-- alain.

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