Stellarium very flaky - slow and crashes or causes log outs.

John Morris jmorris at
Fri Mar 10 22:54:50 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 10:57, Dan Thurman wrote:

> - Very slow on my 900Mhz, 512MB system.  Cursor is very slugglish
> - When opened, opens FULL SCREEN, if there are any problems - hard to
> get out of it
> - Caused my system to log me out
> - Hard-Crashed FC5-T3 and forced a reboot

I'd guess you don't have hardware GL support.  Like most 3D apps it
doesn't achieve much of a framerate on a 2D only system.  But a hard
lock implies nastiness that needs to be tracked down, probably something
X related being pushed too hard trying to keep up.

What does the video configuration look like on this machine?  Do other
stressful video tasks blow up and are they all problems with GL apps? 
How about video playback?

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