Epson scanner problem - more information

David Fletcher fctesting at
Fri Mar 10 23:48:15 UTC 2006

I'm starting a fresh thread on this because I believe there is a bug in a USB 

My scanner used to work with FC3 until there was an upgrade which killed it. I 
managed to get it working again by removing some rpms and installing older 

Now I have found that with another machine with an identical motherboard and 
processor, but running FC5t3, the same scanner won't work with that machine 

But, using my old machine which I kept for the purpose of fiddling with things 
without the worry of messing up my main machine, I can install FC5t3 on that, 
and the same scanner works, so long as the scanner is connected and switched 
on before user login. This machine looks pretty slow these days, having a 
Celeron 633 and one of the early USB motherboards with two USB 1.1 sockets, 
but it works with my scanner.

There are two bugzilla reports that seem relevant to this, 149027 and 183063.

My hardware which does not play nicely:-
Epson Perfection 2450 Photo scanner
Intel D865PERL motherboard

With the final FC5 due to be released soon, could we please have this sorted 
out? I have been in contact with the maintainer of the Epson driver, and hope 
to hear from him again over the weekend, but if the scanner works with one 
machine I don't think it is likely to be Epson driver that's at fault. I 
think it's more likely to be a USB system driver. Is that reasonable?

If there are any diagnostic tests I can run on my Intel boards to find out 
exactly what chips they have on them, and help trace the cause of this 
problem, please tell me what to run and I'll post the logs back to whoever 
needs them.

Dave Fletcher

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