Mike A. Harris mharris at
Sat Mar 11 00:31:49 UTC 2006

Brian C. Huffman wrote:
> Is there a project for the new accelerated compositing that's being
> merged into Xorg and associated apps?  I'd like to be able to follow the
> status like I do here on the fedora distro.

Others have replied already, so I wont repeat what they've said, however
I'll add some...

The best place to discuss problems with aiglx (Xair) is on the xorg
mailing list (xorg at, which is where all of the
developers are.  Also, if you encounter any bugs in the code, report
them in X.Org bugzilla against "xorg" CVS HEAD, with a "[aiglx]" prefix
in the summary line, and assign the bug to krh at

Kristian posted earlier this week that he would be merging the aiglx
branch of Xorg CVS (accelerated_indirect_branch) to Xorg CVS head, so
once that's happened, aiglx will no longer be a separate thing, but
will be integrated directly into the main Xorg server in CVS head.

While Red Hat is doing this work, it is being done in the upstream
X.Org community very openly, so it is best to get involved in the
X.Org development community to best track the progress.  This also
has the benefit that other work such as Xgl, compositing managers,
etc. which are related can also be tracked all in one place.

There's also the #Xair IRC channel on freenode, and #xorg-devel.

Hope this helps.


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