default FC font changed from 4 to 5?

Deji Akingunola deji_aking at
Mon Mar 13 03:45:16 UTC 2006

--- n0dalus <n0dalus+redhat at> wrote:

> On 3/13/06, Dan Gabriel Ghita <gabbath at>
> wrote:
> > hello, i've been a big fan of the old fc3&4
> default "Sans" font (don't know
> > about 1&2) and i'm a little sad that fc5 changed
> it. now it looks more like
> > suse (which i didn't like just because of the
> fonts). some told me it hasn't
> > changed, that it's just rendered a different way.
> anyway, i'm only asking
> > how i can get it back. what should i change in
> xorg.conf or what should i
> > copy from an old fc4 installation?
> > sorry if this is the wrong list to post to, but
> that's the advice i got from
> > the people on #fedora on IRC.
> >
> I've also noticed this -- I'm not sure what it is,
> it seems larger or something.
i think this is because xorg-x11-font-Type1 is not
install by default, once you install it you have the
old font again.


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