60 seconds to shutdown

Stefano Tabacchiera - CSF Sistemi s.tabacchiera at gruppocsf.com
Mon Mar 13 13:45:57 UTC 2006

Leslie Satenstein ha scritto:
> I did a shutdown -t sec 60 and what appeared was a message that shutdown 
> would be in 60 minutes.
> Is there a bug in the shutdown command, and is that the reason that the 
> 60 second count down does not appear to be working.
> Leslie

Trying to analyze the command line:

-You did "shutdown -t sec 60"
-The message was "The system is going DOWN to maintenance mode in 60 
-The argument of -t was the empty string.
-60 is 'when to shutdown' in minutes.

So what? That's what it was supposed to happen.

please, man shutdown

best regards.

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