Re kudzu and XEN Hypervisor

Jonathan Berry berryja at
Mon Mar 13 15:17:41 UTC 2006

On 3/13/06, Leslie Satenstein <lsatenstein at> wrote:
> Is this going to be repaired before go live?

We have another week.  Settle down :).  You've reported the bug.  It's
preferable if you only report changes in status.

> Since the last upgrade, I have to bypass the loading of kudzu. Otherwise
> kudzu locks up the boot process solidly.

As root:
# /sbin/chkconfig kudzu off
if you want to always skip kudzu so you don't have to do it interactively.

> I will help the developer with any testing he requires. Just let me know
> what is required.
> Yes, the bug is raised in bugzilla. I indicated it in an earlier posting.


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