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Ben Steeves ben.steeves at
Mon Mar 13 15:50:37 UTC 2006

On 3/13/06, Gordon Stewart <gorste at> wrote:
> Dear List
> Can anyone tell me the commands to create a rescue boot floppy on Fedora Core 4.

Fedora hasn't supported being booted from a floppy since FC2, I
think... but the first install CD doubles as a rescue disk if you need
to re-install GRUB on your HD.

>     dd if=/media/cdrom/images/diskboot.img of=/dev/fd0
> it tells me
> dd: writing to `/dev/fd0': No space left on device

Quite right.  If you check the size of diskboot.img, I think you'll
find it's about 8MB... floppies are not that big.

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