ppc and x86_64 testing request

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Tue Mar 14 15:32:16 UTC 2006

Request for fc5test3 on ppc and x86_64

silgraphite is a font engine for non latin script fonts.

The project is getting ready for 2.0 release.
The developers want 2.0 to work in FC5 w/o needing patching.
It currently does on x86. I can not test on ppc/x86_64

If you have a ppc/x86_64 machine running FC5Test3 and you would like to
help, please do the following:

0) make sure your pango (and pango-devel) packages are current

1) grab my src.rpm from:


2) Install the Doulis SIL font.
Link to download on page above.

It hasn't yet been packaged for Fedora, I'll be submitting a spec file
to Extras soon. But in the mean time, just throw it in ~/.fonts and run

3) rebuild the src.rpm

If there is a compile error, and I hope there isn't, you can report it
to the sourceforge project:


or to me


4) If build completes, install the resulting silgraphite and
pango-silgraphite rpm's

5) use the sil.txt file on the http://mpeters.us/silgraphite/ page (link
at bottom)

Opening the file with gedit, it should look like the lower image.
If you get to step five - please notify whether it works or not at


(if it doesn't work, it *may* be a packaging error on my part - due to
multilib, some macros that are arch specific are set)

Thank you.

silgraphite and the various SIL fonts that use it will allow inexpensive
computers running Linux to be used in 3rd world countries allowing the
native languages of the people in those countries to be properly
displayed and used. Inexpensive likely means x86 (which does work) but
it still would be nice if any ppc/x86_64 issues with fc5 are known
before they do final release.

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