Problem installing FC5 guest in Xen on FC5 using

Scott D Hankin scott.hankin at
Tue Mar 14 21:06:35 UTC 2006

Howdy -

I'm attempting to install a FC5 guest in Xen on FC5, 2041 xen0 kernel.  I've
gotten to the point where anaconda runs and starts presenting me with
menus.  Unfortunately, the 3rd menu it presents is stopping me, the one
which sets the IP address.

If I select DHCP and networking is set up for NAT, it thinks for a bit and
then returns to the same page.  If I try to manually specify an IP address,
it thinks for a bit, and then segfaults.  If networking is bridged, it
segfaults in either case.

The command I'm running is: -n vm2 -f /root/fedora.img -s 6 -r 256 -p -l

I've tried this with the networking setup as bridged or NAT, but the result
is always the same.

Any thoughts?

-- Scott
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